A skid course can be a great way to train your abilities behind the wheel. While not many drivers know this, skidding across the road in a controlled fashion is not just a talent that rally drivers possess. It can also be taught and mastered, as long as you are capable of staying calm and using your reflexes to their fullest.

Skid course driving classes Colorado Springs and skid cars are designed to test and train drivers in a controlled fashion and without reaching overly high speeds. With the help of a skilled instructor, you can learn to gain near perfect control on your driving ability and train through situations that can often appear as you drive on public roads.

The Advantages of Learning on a Skid Course

A skid course Colorado Springs driving class will train you what to do to get out of a situation where your car loses control of either its front or its rear end. Skidding and sliding either with the added disadvantage of having your wheels blocked or not, can happen as a result of driving on a slippery road, over-accelerating or committing a driving error that involves oversteering or understeering while taking a turn.

Under these circumstances, most drivers lose control and find themselves hitting a post or a tree quite frequently, with disastrous consequences. However, by training at a professional skid course, you can prevent that and gain many essential advantages as a driver:

  • A skid course will teach you the physics of what happens when you lose control of the car, and helps you use methods that are scientifically proven to work each and every time – so long as you perform them correctly.
  • Skid courses take you through the basics and provide you with a skilled instructor who will guide you through each movement, so you can get the timing just right and perform all the right moves so you can control your car even while it slides.
  • Instead of having you practice on the road and at high speeds, skid course trainers will allow you to practice in a safe environment and learn all the basics with no risk to your health and safety.
  • At the end of your lessons, you will know exactly how to control your vehicle in each and every type of situation. You’ll also learn the subtle differences between trying to control a sliding vehicle that features front versus rear wheel drive.
  • Your new skills will not only allow you to drive more safely and have better control on the road, but they’ll also assist you in driving more economically and understanding your car enough to adjust your driving habits so it won’t succumb to wear and tear that easily.
skid course driving classes Colorado Springs

Skid Courses vs. Skid Cars

Skid courses typically use regular cars on various slippery courses that mimic the effects of snow, ice and water. However, nowadays there are also skid cars that can be set up and adjusted to imitate those conditions on regular tarmac as well.

While training with a regular vehicle can be more practical, skid cars have their own advantages as well, one of them being the ability to mimic specific driving conditions more accurately, and fine tune the grip that the vehicle you’re driving has on the road.