Advantages of A Dental Implant

The wonderful advantages of dental implants convince more and more people today that they are worth the investment – though a somewhat higher-priced dental replacement solution, implants make use of computer driven precision and advanced engineering solutions to provide patients the best results. Here are a few details about what dental implants are, how they work and a few of the benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to use dental implants instead of more traditional and lower-priced solutions, such as bridges and crowns.

What Are Dental Implants and Who Can Use Them

Dental implants are practically artificial tooth roots made from special metal alloys containing titanium that are introduced into the jaw bone and that fuse completely into the jaw, creating a structure very similar to the patient’s own, original, healthy tooth roots. The process involves the surgical removal of the patient’s own tooth root, then, when the gums and the bone are completely healed after the intervention, a three-dimensional model of the implant is created using advanced computerized technologies that make sure the artificial root fits perfectly into the jaw bone.

The implant is installed into the jaw bone and then the dentist takes a mold for the new tooth. The new tooth to be built on the implant is also created with the most advanced, computerized technology to make sure that the tooth fits perfectly into the place and is of the right shape and color.

Dental implants are the go-to solution for patients who have one or two teeth that are beyond repair, but their jaw bones and the tooth around the decayed ones are strong and healthy. The implants also work great for people who use dentures, but still have healthy gums and jaw bones and would like a more comfortable, permanent, unmoving dental solution that feels and looks like natural teeth.  Talk with your Lakewood family dental office for a referral if this is the best choice for your situation.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants come with numerous benefits over other dental replacement solutions, such as bridges or dentures:

  • Dental implants behave exactly like the patient’s natural teeth used to behave;
  • The implants are made from the strongest most durable materials, therefore they are likely to last a lifetime;
  • Dental implants protect the health and the integrity of the adjacent tooth – the artificial tooth made using an implant fills the gap between two other teeth, therefore the implant can stabilize the tooth surrounding it, preventing them from shifting towards the gap;
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss by providing the jaw bone and the gums the stimulation that they need to stay healthy;
  • Dental implants are also very comfortable to wear – they don’t require the usage of special adhesives, they don’t move or shift during eating and speaking and they don’t impair the clarity of speech either;
  • Dental implants are as easy to clean as natural teeth – people who have implants don’t need to use special cleaning products or procedures to keep their artificial teeth clean.

The advantages of dental implants are well worth the discomfort caused by the preparation for the installation of the artificial root – if you choose this solution, be prepared that it will take a while to complete the process, but the results are permanent, comfortable and spectacular.