Tooth brushing is one of those habits that kids tend to dislike. Teaching them how to do it correctly and transforming this operation into a daily routine represent two battles that many parents win with much difficulty in front of their children, who are so willing to play and have fun, instead of brushing their teeth two times per day!

Here are some tips from Loveland orthodontics specialists on how to get children to brush their teeth properly, in order to maintain oral hygiene and health, and to convince them of the importance of this routine.

family brushing teeth

Teach the child to brush his/her teeth very early in life

The more you teach children to brush their teeth at a very young age, the more chances are that dental brush will become a habit in their daily schedule! Put the toothbrush in your child’s hand since he/ she is two years old. Of course, at that age, children do not have dexterity and can barely hold the toothbrush, but at least they become familiar with it. With patience and perseverance, over time, they will become experts in brushing their teeth and using the necessary accessories.

Remember that early childhood education is very important, and skills learned during this life stage last for a lifetime.

Turn tooth brushing into a fun activity

If there is no fun, the kid will not be interested, so be creative! Humor and entertainment are the secret weapons you need to use if you want to increase your chances of persuading your kid to brush his/ her teeth twice a day.

Be an example for them

At young ages, children are small imitators and copy almost everything they see around. They adopt adult behavior, so make sure to allow them to see you brushing your teeth regularly and hear you praising this routine. Be prepared to answer all their questions and take their curiosity as a chance to provide them valuable information about adequate oral hygiene, using stories, pictures etc.

Buy fun tooth brushing accessories

Toothbrush, toothpaste, rinsing cup, accessory holder – everything is important in persuading children to wash their teeth daily and enjoying it. If these accessories are colored and printed as they like, with their favorite cartoon characters or favorite heroes, children will be keener to use them and practice their teeth brushing skills. Simple accessories are unattractive for them.

Use rewards for long-term results

You should not reward children every time they brush their teeth, since oral hygiene should be neither conditioned, nor negotiable. Children must understand the importance of dental brushing for the health of their teeth and do it for that purpose, not to receive toys or gifts.

However, there is a way to use rewards to stimulate children to wash their teeth daily. Promise them that if the next dental checkup reveals that they have no caries, due to adequate daily tooth brushing, they will receive a toy that they want so much. In this way, the child will be stimulated to take the necessary measures to prevent caries.