There comes along a time in most of our lives when we really let ourselves go and pick up a few kilograms. That could either be due to overeating, lack of exercise and physical activity, or simply a hereditary condition. Regardless of the reason of why we are overweight, almost all of us have the determination of cutting those calories and shedding the fat to get into the desired shape and weight class we want. There are, however, food items which inhibit our capabilities to cut down those extra kilos of weight and grains happen to be one of those foods. There are numerous reasons as to why consumption of grains has a negative effect on your desired weight loss and that’s aside from the gluten. It is known by most of us that switching the diet from burger buns to whole grains which are gluten-free, is beneficial, but there are times when grains, especially wheat, is one of those factors which resists weight loss to a large degree. Here’s five reasons why grains are a deterrent when it comes to meeting your weight loss goals.

Tons of blood sugar

There is not a huge difference between white flour and whole wheat. Even gluten free grains are dense and get digested quickly, causing an increase in blood sugar levels. High insulin due to high blood sugar, keeps storing fat and inhibits weight loss.

The starch content in really high

Most of the wheat we use is cross-hybridized and contains Amylopectin A. This substance has the ability of being digested fast which in turn lets It raise the blood sugar levels really fast and high. This particular starch decreases the resistance to insulin and increases belly fat.

Inflammatory lectins

It is well documented that inflammation is a retardant for weight loss programmes. Wheat plays a major role in causing inflammation and its content of lectins is the reason behind it. Lectins are the elements which let a plant defend itself from natural forces. Wheat hybridization since a long time means that WGA lectin content is on the highest when it comes to whole grains.


Disrupt the endocrine system

There are chemicals which interfere with the normal functioning of the endocrine system and they are known as endocrine disruptors. A type of such EDs is Xenoestrogens which acts like estrogen and causes weight gain and also attributes to the increase in growth of breast tissue in males. One such xenoestrogen is Glyphosate and is sprayed in large quantities in wheat crops.

Addictive appetite stimulation

There is a term made with gluten and morphine, by the name of Gluteomorphines. This is the term used to describe peptides like opioid formed in the wheat digestion process. Consumption of wheat calls for compromise of the immune system and causes polypeptides to get into the blood stream and go into the brain, acting like a drug.