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How to Find a Good Christian Marriage Counselor in Denver

Seeking solutions to marital problems through marriage counseling is an efficient way to cope with relationship issues, yet a way that many couples reject even today. If you and your partner have already acknowledged the existence of marital issues that both of you consider too overwhelming to cope with and you are willing to give a Christian counselor Denver professional a try, here are some factors to consider while you are searching for the right counselor.

couple hugging during christian marriage counseling process

Training and Experience

Marital counselors always mean well, but not all of them have the experience and the knowledge to handle the challenges of couple therapy. Marriage counseling is very different from individual therapy sessions and helping two people work their way together through the problems typical of marriages requires a very different set of professional skills, so make sure that the therapist you turn to is trained and experienced in addressing marital issues with both members of the couple present. To find suitably trained and qualified experts in your area, you can search various online registries and referral directories – most of them have search features that you can use to filter the results and to get lists with the experts close to you that you can turn to.

Membership in Professional Organizations

Modern marriage counseling is more than a succession of sessions during which you tell your partner about your problems – it is a science-based process that is continuously researched and improved. Look for a Christian counselor who is an acknowledged member in one or several professional associations and has contributed scientific work in the field because that way you can be sure your therapist is not only devoted to help you, but is able to help you, too.

The Personality of the Therapist

The relationship between the counselor and the couple counseled needs to be one based on trust. No matter how experienced and knowledgeable a therapist is, the counseling will not be successful if you and your partner don’t feel comfortable and safe during the sessions, so choose a therapist that you both like and to whom you can open up.

Get Referrals from Friends

You might first feel embarrassed to tell your friends that you are facing marital problems and you are seeking professional help, but you will be surprised how many of the people you think you know have been through the same issues as you. Ask your friends whether they know a good therapist – you will probably get more than one recommendation and they can also provide information related to how the therapy went and whether they considered it helpful.

Questions to the Counselor

Before you start the therapy, try to find out as much as you can about the Christian therapist’s approach. Ask the therapist about their training, their professional experience, about what to expect during the therapy, about the expected duration of the therapy as well as about their life experience with marital issues (you might be more comfortable working with a therapist who is or has been married and has children than with one who has never been in a marriage or is childless) – the therapist might not answer questions that are too personal, but most counselors still accept to answer questions related to their marital status.

5 Ways Grains Interfere with Weight Loss

There comes along a time in most of our lives when we really let ourselves go and pick up a few kilograms. That could either be due to overeating, lack of exercise and physical activity, or simply a hereditary condition. Regardless of the reason of why we are overweight, almost all of us have the determination of cutting those calories and shedding the fat to get into the desired shape and weight class we want. There are, however, food items which inhibit our capabilities to cut down those extra kilos of weight and grains happen to be one of those foods. There are numerous reasons as to why consumption of grains has a negative effect on your desired weight loss and that’s aside from the gluten. It is known by most of us that switching the diet from burger buns to whole grains which are gluten-free, is beneficial, but there are times when grains, especially wheat, is one of those factors which resists weight loss to a large degree. Here’s five reasons why grains are a deterrent when it comes to meeting your weight loss goals.

Tons of blood sugar

There is not a huge difference between white flour and whole wheat. Even gluten free grains are dense and get digested quickly, causing an increase in blood sugar levels. High insulin due to high blood sugar, keeps storing fat and inhibits weight loss.

The starch content in really high

Most of the wheat we use is cross-hybridized and contains Amylopectin A. This substance has the ability of being digested fast which in turn lets It raise the blood sugar levels really fast and high. This particular starch decreases the resistance to insulin and increases belly fat.

Inflammatory lectins

It is well documented that inflammation is a retardant for weight loss programmes. Wheat plays a major role in causing inflammation and its content of lectins is the reason behind it. Lectins are the elements which let a plant defend itself from natural forces. Wheat hybridization since a long time means that WGA lectin content is on the highest when it comes to whole grains.


Disrupt the endocrine system

There are chemicals which interfere with the normal functioning of the endocrine system and they are known as endocrine disruptors. A type of such EDs is Xenoestrogens which acts like estrogen and causes weight gain and also attributes to the increase in growth of breast tissue in males. One such xenoestrogen is Glyphosate and is sprayed in large quantities in wheat crops.

Addictive appetite stimulation

There is a term made with gluten and morphine, by the name of Gluteomorphines. This is the term used to describe peptides like opioid formed in the wheat digestion process. Consumption of wheat calls for compromise of the immune system and causes polypeptides to get into the blood stream and go into the brain, acting like a drug.


Guidelines to Your “Perfect Diet”

There is no man walking on the face of this Earth who would not like to stay healthy and the first step in order to reach that goal is to follow the perfect diet. But in order to accept that healthy diet, we must know first-hand what it is. Here are a few guidelines which must be followed while drawing up the perfect diet.

Cut down on the carb content

All of us have heard at some point of our life that we must reduce the amount of carbs that go into our diet and monitor it closely. Not just health professionals but also athletes suggest that 80 percent of our meal should have a really minimal content of carbohydrate or the colloquially called Carb. Another term to suggest content of carbs is slow. Slow would mean that the carbohydrates which have greater content of fibre and help us slow down the spike in blood sugar. To give an idea of how a well- composed low carb lunch should be, try out a meal consisting of a large salad, chopped vegetables accompanied by chicken and beans. It is a bad idea, however, to skip out on the healthier fats like the ones based in olive oil dressing and the added seeds and nuts as well should remain in your diet.

Intake half a plate full of vegetables

The carbohydrate content in your diet must be determined from the vegetable content that you choose to ingest. All those French fries and buns must then be replaced with lettuce wraps and also the different types of meals centred around wholesome foods like broccoli.


Protein is your friend

It is a well-documented fact that proteins have a big role to play in the diet. The reason is that proteins prevent us from overeating because they suppress our appetite which does not let us eat more than we should. Proteins are beneficial as they help us in repairing tissues and also sustaining our energy much more, compared to other food classes. There must be proper division and prioritizing for high quality of proteins which should preferably be from an animal source. There are other plant based proteins as well like beans, lentils and also some seeds.

Stop living out of boxes, or bags

This is an age old advice that has been repeated over and over again, but still it’s importance cannot be stressed enough. There must be a proper note of the amount of snacks, which are generally unhealthy but pleasant to eat, are ingested a person. The next step in this process is to replace most of those pre-packaged and unhealthy snack packs with vegetables, boiled egg and homemade low sugar trail mix. To put it more simply, snacks must be swapped with things which fall into the category of “real food”.

Lower alcohol intake to a couple of days in a week

Alcohol has the ability to thwart weight loss and must be reduced to minimum.


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